Get fit, it’s simple

SimplyFit Dashboard

The SimplyFit App

Our Target is to give you the simplest user experience with our fitness app, so you can easily achieve your personal goals like losing weight or gain muscles. Therefore, we are releasing updates on a monthly base.

You can quickly track your daily calorie consumption with the calorie calculator. To scan a barcode, use the embedded search or create own meals to add calories is up to you.

Using the calorie calculator, you are able to calculate your personal caloric requirement.

Also the app is available in English and German.

SimplyFit Dashboard

Add calories to your calorie diary by hitting the “+” icon or using the search.

Our Goal

SimplyFit has the goal, to support you on a more healthy and active lifestyle.

We want to clarify that fitness does not have to be a rocket science and already starts at walking or jogging.

SimplyFit Dashboard

Scan barcodes or create own meals to work on your goal.